This was the Christening of my baby niece Elsie. My sister wanted me to document the days events and I thought I would share some of the photos I took on the day.

      It was a wonderful family occasion and with the number of children around, some scenes resembled a mobile nursery at several points during the day! However these situations often provide some wonderful moments which hopefully come through in the photos.

      The Baptism was held in the same church that my sister and her husband got married; St John The Baptist’s in Albrighton. As no photos were allowed during the service, I could only take them afterwards.

      Some of the children decided to take a slight detour into the nearby field. I thought it looked like fun, so I followed!

      It took me ages to get them to run in a straight line :0)

      However, they were soon running back to the safety of Mum and Dad.


      Thanks for your comments Phil! I agree it was a shame I couldn’t take photos during the ceremony. Btw the b&w photo you mention is not Elsie, but another couple’s baby who looks uncannily similar to her from a distance! 🙂

      Lovely work Mark. It’s got a real spring to it, just like all the kids really. Pity you weren’t allowed to document the ceremony; that would be something quite phenomenal for little Elsie to witness through grown up eyes in years to come. Still, a great record of a significant day. I especially like the third shot in, the black and white with Elsie staring up. A classic moment.

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