Last weekend I travelled up to Northamptonshire for my first wedding pre-shoot to meet Catherine and Ed. Luckily they aren’t complete strangers to me. In fact I know the couple very well as Catherine is my half Niece and I have met Ed on many family occasions! So there was already a very relaxed atmosphere before I had even taken my camera out of the bag. Ed’s parents were also there to help with the planning so the first part of the afternoon was spent doing just that; seating plans in the example below!

      You will be very familiar with this little face at the end of the post as he features in quite a number of shots. This is Marley their dog!

      This key will come in very handy in a few weeks- it’s the one for the church door!

      A nearby tractor provided an interesting prop 🙂

      This may seem to be just a photo of a fence and some trees. However this is no ordinary fence. It was one that Ed helped install during many hours of hard work!

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