This was my second official wedding shoot and was made a little different in the fact that it was members of my family who were getting married; as I mentioned in my pre wedding shoot post, Catherine is my niece!

      Catherine and Ed were married in early October on a country estate in Northamptonshire, which luckily is very near to Catherine’s family home. The location was stunning which I hope is evident from the pictures although unfortunately the weather was a little on the grey and chilly side, but provided the largest overhead softbox you could want :)

      Credit goes to my girlfriend Jo who helped with some of the shots during the day and for organising the guests for the group shots; everyone commented on how efficiently they were done!

      We arrived in the late morning and spent time documenting the various locations before going inside to see how the bride was getting on. But enough of the preamble, just sit back and enjoy!

      If you’re wondering if that’s a real dog in the picture – it isn’t. But it’s very realistic!

      A premature “I do” helped to relax everyone including the congregation

      the height of the pews made for some interesting compositions!

      the curious case of the disappearing confetti!

      He wasn’t laughing at the shape of the raspberry meringues, honest!

      The best man’s speech was full of the usual laughs and jokes but also contained some very heartfelt moments. But more importantly it also contained 3 pictures which were in separate envelopes on every table. The contents, in no particular order:

      I think Ed’s reactions speak for themselves! :)

      The Wedding Breakfast

      The next day, we went back for a bit of post wedding analysis over a bacon sandwich. The weather could not have been more different. Glorious sunshine everywhere!

      I’m surprised we’re missing a cat in this one; we’ve got most of the other pets!


      Mark – you’re brilliant!!
      The photos are fabulous and capture the essence from the day – including Ed fluffing his ‘I will’ moment in the church, Mum loosing her car keys, and most importantly just how happy we were! It was a fabulous day and your photos mean that we never be able to forget how it looked, who was there and how great the day was. Jo and you make a great team!
      With many thanks and much love – keep up the good work!
      Mr and Mrs G!

      Lyndsey & Ian Wallis

      What a fantastic collection!! They really capture the essence of a most amazing day! Catherine looks absolutely stunning, in every picture and Ed’s not looking too shabby either (we particularly loved the leprachaun poses with knee high green socks)Thank you for sharing these, they hold such wonderful memories of a great day with much fun, love and laughter!

      Fantastic job Mark. You’ve told a beautiful story marvellously well. Between you and Jo you haven’t missed an angle. The styling on Catherine and Ed’s wedding is extraordinary. I especially love the table plan; I’ve never seen anything quite like it (at all like it, really). The pews in the church are intriguing too! You made great use of some quirky opportunities there. I could say plenty about plenty more but I’ll just close in mentioning the quad of images detailing what I assume to be the Mums’ Speech; that really is a perfectly crafted exposé of connected humour.

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