Last Sunday I got to meet some fellow photographers over lunch before heading out into the autumn sunshine to shoot some portrait shots together! The whole event was arranged by Alex Beadon, who I didn’t even know a week before, but through the power of social networking (Twitter & Facebook) we all got to meet up in the real world face to face. Thanks to Alex for organising the event and I hope we can do another one soon!

      Here’s my selection box from the afternoon.

      Edette Steynberg from Purple Apple Studios

      Dominique from Dominique Bader Photography

      Alex Beadon having some fun in front of the camera.

      She really loves her Canon 🙂

      Shirley Gilks

      Will Ablett having a rest, while Marie is trying to show him a shot 🙂

      Fanni Williams from Fubu Media

      Anneli Marinovich from Anneli Marinovich Photography

      Juliet McKee from Sugar and Spice Photography

      And since its nearly Halloween, some appropriately dressed individuals outside London Dungeons saying “hello” to Juliet on her way back!

      I hope she got home OK 🙂

      Thanks to everyone I met for a great afternoon!


      Fantastic photos Mark!.. love the way your ‘eye’ sees!.. 🙂

      Love these Mark! Well done!


      These are fab Mark, It’s been ace to see all the different interpretations of the day. I hope to make the next one with you guys.

      Love you ‘version’ of the day, Mark! Your photos have so much character! All the ladies look stunning! Agh, wish I could stay for longer!

      Fantastic shots, Love them all!

      These are gorgeous, Mark!! Loving it!! 🙂

      Lovely shots Mark. Yet again I am struck by everyone’s different ‘take’ on the day.

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