A slight departure from weddings today, and into the world of Googlies, Yorkers, Fine Leg, Silly Point and Leg Before Wicket. It was my birthday last month and it just so happened that England were playing India in the first Test Match at Lords. For those of you who aren’t cricket fans, I won’t even try to explain the rules to you here; they are far too complicated! I also won’t try to explain the lure of watching a game that lasts 5 days and can still end up with a draw as the result. But as I’m a fan, I managed to get some tickets for the fourth days play and had a great birthday soaking up the sun and the action at the home of cricket! Jo enjoyed it with me, and at the end of the day I asked her what she enjoyed the most. Now Jo isn’t a huge cricket fan, so I wasn’t expecting her to say that seeing the lower order English batsman fight back against the Indians was her highlight. No, her highlight of the day wasn’t the gloriously sunny weather, or the tasty lunchtime food, not even the jovial atmosphere around the ground. It was the alcohol! 🙂 Here a few shots I took of the “action” on the day 😉

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