Jess and Mike got married at the beautiful church of St Peter in Knossington village and held their reception at the stunning Dragonwood estate just outside Oakham in Rutland. Jess is a keen blogger and regularly updated her readers on her wedding day preparations via her aptly named Time to Drink Champagne website. Mike is in the army, and has been based in Afghanistan for a while. It was a great privilege to meet him and the rest of his army guys. They do such a fantastic job and we should always be proud and thankful for all that they do. Some of the army boys had been asked to help out with security at the Olympics at the last minute, but managed to persuade the powers that be for the weekend off so they could attend the wedding! As ever, Jo was second shooting with me and I thought it would be nice for Jo to share her thoughts on what was a fantastic day…….

      As wedding photographers Mark and I often feel like paid wedding crashers but with a reverent purpose; the role of recording in a non-intrusive way the couple’s beautiful day as it unfolds. We are frequently privy to intimate moments and shared tears. I have to admit on this day I particularly struggled to keep the camera still and take a photo when I saw Jess’ Father well up on seeing his daughter as a beautiful bride in her dress. My favourite photograph is of Jess just as she is leaving her suite at Dragonwood and the light catches her at the window. I hope she loves it as much as I do.

      The Groom and Best Man being military men were fearless in their high jinks on the day and this must be a first, but how many Grooms and Best Men get to the ‘Church on time’ via roller blades down hilly Rutland country Lanes? The Best Man was brave enough to do it in a kilt!!

      During the ceremony the heavens decided to open with cracks of thunder and lightning joining in at intermittent times. With no word of a lie, when the vicar said “Let no man draw asunder” as part of the vows , (Thunder Cracked), he repeated “I said Asunder, not Thunder!” and the congregation roared with laughter. The Vicar was charismatic and friendly and took the first opportunity he had to shower the now Bride and Groom with wedding confetti. Another first!

      There were so many beautiful, funny and happy tearful moments on Jess and Mike’s Wedding Day and we hope that as you see the photos, you get a real sense of what their day was like for them. Many thanks to Jess and Mike for asking us to photograph their special day, and we wish them well for the future.

      Once the general direction of travel had been decided, everyone hopped onto the bus for the short journey to the church! Having a pub just opposite the church was just too tempting…..

      Jess’s father trying to kiss one of his youngest daughters and Bridesmaid, and being a cool teenager she declines the affection. Poor Dad!

      At the point during the ceremony when the vicar asks if anyone has any reason why the bride and groom should not be married, there is very rarely any response from the congregation (thankfully!) However, this was the first time I’ve witnessed any such response. 1 Rifles have a tradition where they stand up and half draw their swords whilst looking stern at the congregation, and this is exactly what they did. Definitely a unique moment!

      After the guard of honour, it was time to for everyone to squeeze onto the bus and head back to Dragonwood for the reception! 


      Fantastic set of images. Looked like a really fun day.

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