On a cold, but beautifully sunny day a few weeks ago, I photographed another surprise proposal against the stunning backdrop of Leeds Castle in Kent. A lot of thought and planning had gone into the choice of location by Neel, and I was very conscious of making sure that I got the images that he wanted. I obviously had to be in the right place and time, and make sure that I was not conspicuous, despite being the only other person on the lawn! It was tricky balancing act to make sure I didn’t get too close, but was close enough to capture all the emotion of the moment. Congratulations to Hinal and Neel on your engagement! Here is a small selection of photos from the morning. NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0029NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0002NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0001NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0003NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0005NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0026NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0006NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0007NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0008NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0010NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0009NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0011NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0012NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0013NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0014NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0015NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0016NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0019NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0018NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0017NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0020NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0021NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0022NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0023NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0024NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0027NeelHinal_Proposal_blog_0025


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