Suzanne and Bevan enjoyed a lovely late spring wedding at the end of April. They married at a small ceremony in Chelsea Town Hall and held their champagne reception at Flemings Hotel in Mayfair.  The bride wore a beautiful 1950s style inspired dress embellished with lace to the neck and arms and finished with a satin red bow. We loved her red heels which screamed “There’s no place like home.” Love makes you feel this way!

      Their wedding was an intimate gathering of very close family and friends, some of whom had travelled half the world to celebrate with them. Those that could not be present were honoured and remembered in such a beautiful way. Suzanne designed and made a stunning bouquet of brooches and jewellery of yesteryear and tied to it a photo of someone dearly loved. There were tears, but they were all in celebration and happiness to be a part of their special day. We loved everyone’s friendliness and the relaxed atmosphere and here are a few memories of their day. 

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