Distance was no object for Jessie and Michael who travelled from Los Angeles to Paris to make their own spiritual commitment to one another. Not only did Jessie & Michael elope to Paris, they excitedly chose as their amphitheater the Eifel Tower high above the city to share their individual vows with each other. There amongst the backdrop of surprised tourists, and witnessed by the hushed onlookers who seemed invisible yet very much aware of being honoured to have shared a brief glimpse of Jessie & Michael’s special day, two lovers sealed their love. They say that it is good luck to have rain on your wedding day, and Paris did not fail to shower Jessie and Michael with atmospheric good fortune. Yet the elated tourists seemed indifferent to rain misted Paris and its majestic panorama. Their focus was for a few moments on the beautiful bride and groom. One onlooker mentioned he had been waiting for 3 hours to get to the Top of the Eiffel Tower, but said it had been worth the wait to witness their ‘Eiffel vows’. He left with a testimony that Paris really is the “city of love”.



      What a beautiful post, and love the amazing images. What a joy to read xxx

      Great stuff, I love that silhouette under the tunnel with bird in it, amazing photo!!!

      This is wonderful! I love it!

      The perfect place to elope! looks like an amazing day

      Epic wedding and epic wedding photos! You have captured the day perfectly and done every location justice – great job!

      Stunning images of a magical day. A truly beautiful couple captured with a timeless memory of your photographs.

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