Wedding of the Year indeed. This was one of the best weddings I’ve had the privilege to have gone to. Jo and I had both been looking forward to Aurora & Phil’s big day for a while. It also meant that we could take an extended stay in Manhattan and make a real holiday of our trip to New York.

      The day before the wedding we visited the happy couple to give them a box of goodies under the traditional marriage theme of “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue” We had great fun watching them open up each numbered parcel.

      I’m not sure what category Fizz Wiz’s come under though!

      The bride and her sister Annie (on the left), who was Maid of Honour.

      On the Friday evening all the wedding guests were invited to a dinner party at the BLT steak house annexed to the hotel. The American reputation for great steaks was certainly upheld as the food and company was great! It also allowed everyone to mingle and get to know one another before the wedding the next day.

      Choices, choices…..

      The  wine was certainly flowing, but at $75 a bottle not for all that long!

      After the meal it was up to bar 42, cunningly named as it was on the 42nd floor of the hotel.

      Then it was onto the big day itself! Readers need to note that I was just a guest at the wedding so the photos are just my personal record of the event. I was not in any way a second shooter for the official photographers.

      Phil (the groom) and is his 2 best men

      those photographers kept on getting in the way 🙂

      three generations of Diaz (daughers, grandmother and mother)

      After the wonderful canapees and drinks it was onto the main reception dinner.

      I’ve started……

      so I’ll finish!


      Hi Mark
      My daughter, Becca, has just shown me your website and we have looked at the wedding photos that you took in New York in May. There is one of Becca hold a sweet martini and I would dearly love a copy. Can you send me one please. By the way your website looks really great.
      Best wishes from Andrew

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